what's your pet telling you?

Is your pet experiencing symptoms related to dietary challenges? Stop guessing, and finally uncover what may be causing your pet's digestive woes. The key to your pet's digestive data is unlocked with a sample of their fur (yes fur!).

Eliminate the trial and error!

PetChek identifies the best foods to support their optimal health and wellbeing.



unlock your pet's health data, with a small sample of fur.


Dealing with symptoms?

This report is highly insightful as it uncovers items that are potentially creating digestive upsets and health symptoms.


low in nutrients?

When your pet is not able to digest their food properly, they may not be absorbing all of the goodness and the nutrients from that food.

This report opens your eyes to what nutrients they may be absorbing well and the ones they may be lacking or just not absorbing during the digestion process.

happy pet, happy owner.

meet archie

We rescued Archie, the sweetest dog ever! Archie was a rescue, so we didn’t know his background or history. We have struggled with how to feed Archie, as he always had digestive upset including diarrhea. He gets regular vet checks for his overall health and we have tried numerous types of dog food including hypoallergenic brands to deal with the diarrhea. We heard about gutChek and had Archie tested. 2 days after we changed his food, Archie had normal stool, for the first time since we’ve owned him! Crazy, as the food we were giving him was high quality, but contained things like carrots, peas and beef. These items showed up as not good for Archie. Since the food change, Archie has normal stool, seems more content and has way more energy! Joanne M

meet snow

Snow is a beautiful Turkish Angora cat. Snow has been in our family for 8 years. He has always suffered from itchy skin, to the point where he scratches until he bleeds. He often has open sores and scabs around his neck. Over the 8 years, we’ve had numerous vet appointments and many changes in food to try to alleviate his symptoms. Nothing has really worked or made any significant changes. Just lots of expenses! We tried gutChek for pets and found that he is very sensitive to corn, who knew! We checked his food and his treats, all of them contained corn! We changed his food, now we know what ingredients to look for and Snow has a beautiful, shiny, healthy coat, no more itching! Snow says “Thank you gutChek!” P.M.

Finally uncover what their digestive challenges are and know how to help.