what's your gut aching to tell you?

When you support your gut digestively, potentially EVERY aspect of your health improves!

Food intolerances occur when the body cannot properly digest or break down certain foods, causing a digestive system response or a digestive upset. Sometimes, the food we enjoy, doesn't always enjoy us and can lead to an irritated digestive system.

Eliminate the battlefield of gas, bloating, cramps and a churning indigestion, so you can support your digestive tract and feel better for life.

Stop guessing, and finally uncover what causing your digestive woes. The key to your digestive data is unlocked with a small sample of your hair.

You'll love how easy gutChek is to do -- and how quickly you'll be alleviated of your digestive symptoms once you get your results.

gutChek uncovers your food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and toxins. 

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you unlock the following health data, with a small sample of (your) hair.


what foods are creating your digestive upset?

This report is highly insightful as it uncovers items that may be consider "healthy" but your body may not be able to properly digest or break down that food, causing a digestive system response or a digestive upset.

As your digestion improves you also support your overall health by getting and absorbing more nutrients from the foods you eat.


Are you absorbing nutrients from your food?

When you are not able to digest your food properly, you may not be absorbing all of the goodness and the nutrients from that food.

This report opens your eyes to what nutrients you may be absorbing well and the ones you may not be absorbing during the digestion process.


How toxic are you?

We don't realize how potentially toxic our environments are and how well our body is at detoxifying as a result.

This report identifies how well your body is detoxifying from the everyday chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to. Toxins are not only in our food, in the environment but also in the household items that surround us.

Purge the toxic takeover in your gut so you too can soon feel like a new, healthier version of yourself.

Imagine having the knowledge about what foods support your digestive system, and being able to enjoy them without the fear of gas, bloating, stomach cramps, or emergency trips to the bathroom!

We are passionate about gut health because when you nurture your gut you are able to not only impact your health and wellbeing, but also your digestive health, immune system and mood.

We know that gut health plays an important role in your overall health. Gut health, your diet and appropriate supplementation remains one of the most powerful ways to influence your overall health and wellbeing!

Everything you ingest is stored in your hair! Unlock your digestive health now!

gut happy!

Whether you'd like to order one gutChek or one for every member of your family or office. Bundle up and save with our group discounts!

Everyone deserves to gut happy!