About Us

At gutchek we have a passion for digestive health and a love for exploring how food and nutrition can improve your gut health and of course, your overall health. It is important to note that a food intolerance is a digestive system response rather than an allergy that is an immune system response. Intolerances occur when you are unable to properly digest, absorb, or break down certain foods, causing an upset or irritated digestive system. There are many factors that contribute to food intolerances. Often you may lack the specific chemicals, or enzymes to break down and properly digest the proteins found in that food. We've been doing this kind of testing for over 8 years. We started in our functional medical clinic. One of the biggest benefits for supporting our patients overall health, was to start with a food sensitivity test. Then in our weight loss clinic, we introduced the food intolerance testing to the program and again saw huge benefits in supporting our clients weight loss goals. We absolutely loved how this simple test positively impacted both our patients and clients, so at gutChek we have made it our sole focus.