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At gutChek we have a passion for digestive health and a love for exploring how food and nutrition can improve your gut health and of course, your overall health. We specialize in intolerance testing for people, pets and horses.

Food Intolerances occur when the body cannot properly digest or break down certain foods, causing a digestive system response or a digestive upset. Sometimes, the food we enjoy, doesn't always enjoy us and can lead to an irritated digestive system.

It is important to note that a food intolerance is a digestive system response as opposed to an allergy that is an immune system response.

There are many factors that contribute to food intolerances. Often we may lack the specific chemicals or enzymes to break down, absorb and properly digest a specific food and the proteins found in that food.

We've been doing intolerance testing for over 8 years.

We love how this test has helped our clients get their digestion back in alignment. Gut health, your diet and appropriate supplementation remains one of the most powerful ways to influence your overall health and wellbeing!

Get ready to gut happy!

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We've been doing intolerance testing for over 8 years. We have found that one of the biggest benefits for supporting our clients overall health, was to start with a food intolerance test.

When you support your digestive health, you are also supporting your immune system, your mood and your overall wellbeing!

About gutChek

gutChek's founder...A little about me
For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with digestion. I would eat "healthy" food and then not feel well. I love eggs, and they're healthy right? Well, I don't seem to have the enzymes to digest them, so when I would eat eggs, I'd feel bloated and tired, certainly not well. It wasn't until I owned a Functional Medicine clinic, and one of the main tests we offered was a food intolerance test, that I truly understood what I should be eating! That was a huge turning point for me and it's why gutChek was born! It's so amazing when you eat foods that you can actually digest...you feel great!

What a concept!

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